My Philosophy

My goal as your coach is to develop your technique, footwork, mental toughness, and confidence all while having a great time!

My lessons are entirely custom tailored to the individual. With ten years of teaching experience with players of various levels and ages, I am equipped to meet your individual needs as we begin our journey together.  I am a believer in marking strong emphasis on proper technique from the very start. I also find it very important to develop good footwork. The better you position your feet in relation to the ball, the better your shot outcome is likely to be. My lesson structure usually involves a warm-up of all strokes, followed by special focus on one particular stroke, followed by drills, games, and hitting.

When it comes to teaching kids 10 and under, I am an advocate for using the appropriate tennis ball (red, orange, green dot) to facilitate their development. I have been known to bring out kid-friendly music and even set up an on-court obstacle course to help young players develop coordination, agility, and balance. In order to keep young juniors interested in tennis I try my best to make our lessons FUN by teaching with enthusiasm and coming up with creative games.

When I am not teaching or playing tennis I enjoy practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball, riding my bike along the strand, traveling, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants.